For we were born to create, to enjoy and to love.

Everyone has a story to tell.

A collection of 2000+ NFTs.  The Unseen has been working frantically in the background to launch this project off the ground. This project stands for a moment in time. A legacy. The power of free speech and the voice of reason behind all men and women across the world. To be able to own one’s mind and ideas to body and choice.  To be able to manifest and own your potential.

It is a stand for all the families and loved ones lost.  For our children and our children’s children. They made us think we were crazy.. they tried to divide us. This time they failed. For we are the light. We are God’s children!

// THE UNSEEN Roadmap

Our plans moving forward into 2023

// PHASE 01
Unseen NFTDevelopment
The first drop will have 2222 unique digital collectables of Public Figures®. The NFTs are one by one created and distribution will be randomized after the mint. The art is created by the latest technology each expressing a unique story. With over 10+ years of experience our artists can convey the idea’s into beautifully created 1 of 1 trucks. 
// PHASE 02
Building the Unseen community
We believe that sharing your knowledge in the community will help people to grow together. We are going to build an educational platform. 
We will raise awareness about this awesome community via discord, twitter and Instagram.. Opportunities in the Web3 space can be found in crypto, NFTs, AR, or VR etc. We aim to connect people with these similar interests. People can share their knowledge and learn from each other via our educational platform. Being active on the platform and in our community will lead to unique network opportunities.

Remember that the community channels are a safe place to share ideas and place for positive vibes so people can become better and grow together.
// PHASE 03
The UNSEEN Community Chat
Our team at UNSEEN will develop a chat where we can VOICE our opinions FREELY and get the word out there. This will be a executive group and will be only available to mint members.
// PHASE 04
We will launch a Freedom token that is more than a token, something that reminds the public of US, and shows that we ALL have a VOICE and it deserves to be heard. All holders will receive a supply of 3,500 tokens per NFT
Fase 05
After the launch we will arrange multiple public meetups - a chance for you to come chat to a likeminded individual and voice your opinion. These meetups will be high end meetups with fully catred events later on in the project.
Fase 06
The platform
Thanks to you there will be a space for our community. This platform will be focused on connecting you to experts in different work fields of Web3. When you share your skills and knowledge on our platform, you will be of value for the community. Next to that you will be of interest to other experts on the platform who can connect with you. When our educational platform grows, we will build in a revenue feature which will incentivize those who put out content.
The UNSEEN team

Every investment you make should be a bet on the team.

That is why we chose to reveal ourselves on the site. With our experience, we will grow this project into a high-end NFT venture, making sure we give value back to the people who support the Unseen NFT.

Emma P.

Founder and Owner of the Unseen NFT & Community.

Kirra B.

Talented & Experienced NFT Project Manager.

Ruhan S.

Senior Developer, Designer & Blockchain Developer.

Nathan K.

Community Management Expert and Moderater.

Frequent Unseen Questions

When will the Unseen NFT launch?

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We aim to be at the End of May. Exact date will be announced soon. 

What will the price be at launch?

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Presale: 0.044 ETH
Public sale: 0.055 ETH

How do I get a UNSEEN NFT

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If you get whitelisted you can buy in the presale otherwise you can buy in the public sale. When we are sold out you will be able to get one on the secondary market on Opensea.

How to earn a whitelist spot?

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Please go to the channel #howtowl

Is the WL role permanent?

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No. The following will certainly see your role removed/ downgraded and may result in you being ejected from the server. 
!Being disrespectful to other members from our server. 
!Spamming other people with fake selling, trading or buying accounts.

Can I be a mod

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Yes. When the discord grows we will free some spots for mods. Please send us a message and we will go through some steps. 

Is there a MAX mint for public and presale?

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Yes - 5 Per Wallet on Public & Presale.